Freelance mobile ux/ua/ui Wordpress webapp design at KW

New York

Looking for a proposal from a single designer (not an agency) to complete a mobile ux/ua/ui project. This is a mobile-only web app hosted on Wordpress.


You are located WITHIN 5 HOURS OF New York time

You completely understand North American language, communication, humor, customs, and culture

You are very familiar with, and understand the issues, challenges, intentions, behaviors, and success factors in designing for:

- mobile ux/ua/ui for WEB (not phone apps)

- calls to action on mobile

- marketing funnels

- content marketing

- landing pages

If so, and you are interested in learning more about this project:

1) Request access to the detail of this project at this link

2) Send me a link to your portfolio of mobile work at If we move forward we will share with you the detail related to the app, industry, content domain, and categories etc

Posted Sep 05, 2018