User Experience Researcher at All Turtles

San Francisco, CA

All Turtles builds AI products in San Francisco, Tokyo, and Paris. We solve clear, meaningful problems felt by people and companies. We only make products with simple, direct business models that can be built now, for the first time ever, because of recent advances in technology. Our current products include Spot, Edwin, Disco, Leaders, Octane AI, Replika, and Sunflower Labs.

We’re looking for a user experience researcher. We’re open to hiring someone early in their research career who would like mentoring or a senior UX researcher looking for new challenges. (We can’t consider interns or people who are new to UX.) Someone who has both interaction design knowledge and qualitative research experience would be ideal.

As a UX researcher at All Turtles, you’ll join the product and design team alongside highly skilled UX writers and designers. You’ll have the opportunity to work closely with a senior UX researcher who can provide guidance on methods and processes as needed. Each UX team member collaborates closely with 1-3 product teams at a time. Researchers and designers work together often.

This person will be responsible for:

  • Giving constructive UX feedback on existing products and new features in development, often through lightweight design reviews.

  • Planning and conducting qualitative usability studies both in person and online, analyzing the data, and delivering findings.

  • Conducting user interviews and applying other standard methods as needed, such as card sorting and tree testing.

  • Delivering insights and recommendations, not just data. You won’t write giant reports or make elaborate video presentations of your results.

  • Collaborating with product teams to create solutions informed by research insights.

The ideal candidate will have:

  • Minimum 3 years of experience in qualitative UX research, preferably in web, apps, software, or hardware, or in other UX-oriented fields.

  • Substantial UX and interaction design knowledge and experience, and familiarity with design research.

  • A love of good design and talent for spotting bad design. You can find problems with conversational user interactions, interaction design, and cultural issues, and can help streamline task flows.

  • An empathetic, considerate, respectful working style.

  • Strong professional opinions, loosely held, and an assertive but not aggressive communication style. You can be constructively critical of designs without injuring anyone.

  • Deep investment in ethics, privacy, and keeping users and their data safe. You care about accessible, universal design.

  • The ability to prioritize fixes and let go of work when it’s time to release, even when it’s not quite perfect.

  • Keen observation skills, applied to both humans and computers.

  • Great communication skills and a habit of using plain language.

  • Ability to give actionable design advice to developers and designers.

  • High level of organization and autonomy.

  • An intense attention to detail—the little things matter a lot to software design quality.

  • Fluency in English and strong copy-editing skills.

  • Willingness to work in a MacOS environment.

Preferred extras

  • Experience with other cultures, countries, and languages.

  • Quantitative skills (analytics, stats, complex experimental design).

  • Low-fi prototyping experience.

  • Willingness to travel internationally.

The UX Researcher is a full-time position on the product and design team. This role is based in our dog-friendly, open-plan San Francisco office, at 1266 Harrison Street in SOMA. Our office is casual and well-equipped, and we offer considerable flexibility in terms of hours, working from home, and accommodating life’s unpredictabilities. All Turtles offers comprehensive health, dental, and vision insurance to its part-time and full-time permanent employees and their dependents, as well as a suite of optional benefits and perks programs.

Interested in Applying?
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Posted Oct 26, 2018