Marketing Specialist UX Research & Analytics at Bass Pro Shops - Cabela's

Springfield, MO


This person is an integral member of the White River Marine Group marketing team who collaborates closely with the UX team to provide guidance and support in designing and building digital products that provide exceptional user experiences across a wide range of digital platforms while meeting the business goals of stakeholders. 

This will be achieved by designing testing processes and employing various
programs, tools, research techniques, user studies, and data analysis to gain
insight into user experiences and user needs that will ultimately inform and
influence product design and development, all while working in an agile
development process as part of a highly-collaborative and cross-functional web


  • Understand the complete user experiences from beginning to end
    across multiple platforms and channels and inform the design process on needed improvements in order to optimize the user experience

  • Develop testing processes for various stages of design and development

  • Design, plan, and execute user testing and research activities as necessary to support the UX team and business goals and to help guide new or improved product designs and digital experiences

  • Conduct and coordinate usability studies, surveys, and other research, such as competitor reviews and analysis, journey mapping, user data analysis, and task flow mapping

  • Analyze and present research findings and results to stakeholders and web team

  • Identify user behaviors, wants, needs, goals, and pain points

  • Identify and understand the various personas, customer segments,
    and demographics who use and interact with our product

  • Employ techniques such as user interviews, observing user interaction, questionnaires, focus groups, user testing software and platforms, A/B testing, and analytics software (quantitative and qualitative research methods)

  • Continually monitor analytics and metrics to discover trends or anomalies and gather insights to improve the customer experience

  • Prepare and maintain dashboards of key performance indicators to inform team members, constituents and management


  • Minimum 4 Year College Degree

  • 3+ years of experience employing user research methods

  • Excellent communication skills (written and oral)

  • Strong organization and analytical skills

  • Strong interpersonal skills and comfortable working with others individually and in groups

  • A firm understanding of user-centered design processes, usability testing, and user research methods

  • Experience with various user testing techniques, testing and survey methods, and tools and platforms that support these efforts

  • Experience with data analysis, analytics tools, and reporting processes

  • Ability to excel in a fast-paced, goal-oriented environment as part of a highly-collaborative and cross-functional team within an agile development process

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Posted Jun 05, 2019